Canadian Biodiesel Brewer Makes Cold Weather Fuel

John Davis

atlanticbiodieselA Canadian biodiesel maker is celebrating the production of its high quality biodiesel suitable for cold weather. The Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA) congratulated its member Atlantic Biodiesel on its “first pour” of the fuel coming less than four months after opening its state-of-the-art renewable fuel facility in Welland, Ontario.

“Atlantic Biodiesel’s first pour represents the collaboration, commitment and hard work that drives Canada’s biofuels industry,” said Jim Grey, Chairman of the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association (CRFA). “The industry produces well over two billion litres of fuel a year; generates gross economic benefits of nearly four billion dollars; and has delivered more than 14,000 direct and indirect jobs in Canada since 2007. Atlantic Biodiesel’s work has come to fruition, and brought approximately 25 direct jobs and significant indirect business to the Welland area.”

Atlantic Biodiesel’s facility is one of the largest in North America and produces 170 million litres of renewable, clean-burning biodiesel and 15 million litres of high-grade glycerin per year. For more information, visit

The contributions of the renewable fuels industry are recognized by governments and various political parties. Alongside Atlantic Biodiesel’s ‘first pour’ event, NDP candidate and incumbent for Niagara Centre and NDP Critic for Agriculture, Malcolm Allen, announced that he and his party are committed to pushing for an increase in the national biodiesel mandate from where it currently sits at two percent: “Investing in renewables is a good idea and this is something governments should turn their focus to. Companies like Atlantic Biodiesel are creating the type of manufacturing jobs Niagara needs.”

CRFA wants Canada’s federal renewable diesel mandate to reach 5 percent by 2020.