Florida Biodiesel Delivers Plant to Bahamas

John Davis

B500Florida Biodiesel, Inc. has delivered a refinery to the Bahamas. This company news release says it sent a B-500 Biodiesel plant to the Grand Bahama Power Company, Bahamas.

The Grand Bahama Power Company has chosen the B-500 Biodiesel processor for their prime transesterification facility. The B-500 Biodiesel plant is economical to operate and will allow the Grand Bahama Power Company to safely produce 1600 gallons of Biodiesel each 24 hours. The B-500 will also be used as a hands-on educational tool to show government agencies how to make renewable energy. “They will process used cooking oil collected locally into Biodiesel fuel,” says William Gehrs, of Florida Biodiesel, Inc. “The B-500 is very user friendly, has a low carbon footprint, and will economically produce Biodiesel for them.”

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