German Biodiesel Quality Group Starts Glycerol Test

John Davis

AGQMA German group that maintains quality standards for biodiesel will carry out round-robin tests for pharmaceutical glycerol. This news release from AGQM (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Qualitaetsmanagement Biodiesel) says this will be the first time for the tests, and registrations will still be accepted until Sept. 20, 2015.

Round Robin Tests to check test methods and the proper handling of professional laboratories have a long and successful history. That is why AGQM has also carried out round robin tests for Biodiesel analytics as part of its quality management system since being founded in 1999.

Apart from Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) which is mainly used as fuel (Biodiesel) and which must comply with high quality standards, glycerol – a by-product of the Biodiesel production – is also gaining continuously in importance. In the past it was used primarily in the fields of cosmetics and technology but nowadays it is used more and more as high-quality pharmaceutical glycerol which is gained by refining raw glycerol.

With this Round Robin Test we wish to enable both company laboratories as well as commercial service laboratories to carry out external quality assurance for selected parameters of the analytics of pharmaceutical glycerol.

Biodiesel, International