Ethanol Rail Opportunities & Challenges

Joanna Schroeder

hyderThis past winter was a tough one on the rail industry with lots of cold and snow. Among industries affected was the biofuel industry including ethanol transportation. During the ACE Ethanol Conference, Hasan Hyder, assistant vice president grain and grain products for Union Pacific, addressed some of these issues and discussed new opportunities.

Hyder gave a brief history of the rail industry with a focus on safety, service and supply chain efficiency. He also discussed longer-term opportunities and challenges ethanol and the rail industry face together. One great opportunity and challenge- transporting the growing amount of American made biofuels around the country.

To learn more about Union Pacific, and their commitment to the ethanol industry, listen to Hasan Hyder’s presentation: Hasan Hyder, Union Pacific

2015 ACE Annual Meeting Photos

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