BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1Key issues surrounding the deployment of energy storage and its participation in U.S. electricity markets are examined in a new report by Clean Energy Group, “Energy Storage and Electricity Markets: The value of storage to the power system and the importance of electricity markets in energy storage economics”. The report analyzes electricity markets where structures have been implemented to compensate energy storage services adequately enough to encourage increased deployment.
  • Equitable Origin (EO) is expanding its social and environmental standards and certifications into renewable energy projects. The EO100 Standard is a voluntary standard for responsible practices. The standards identify local impacts on people and the environment of energy projects and then caution developers that the impacts must be accounted for and mitigated. The process will help remove potential barriers to renewable energy development at the local level.
  • The Green Transportation Summit & Expo is taking place August 19-20, 2015 in Denver, Colorado. The event will offer attendees and the media a chance to drive over 30 alternative fuel vehicles, from a natural gas tractor-trailer to an all-electric Nissan Leaf at Bandimere Speedway. This location will provide the opportunity to test the vehicle’s capabilities in a performance environment.
  • The Microgrid Global Innovation Forum 2015, September 16-17, in Barcelona, Spain, will bring together energy professionals from around the world who are working to refine the buisness model and maximize system performance of hybrid renewable energy systems in remote, island, off-grid, and grid-connected scenarios. Total identified microgrid capacity has grown from 4,393 MW in the 2nd Quarter 2014 to more than 12,000 MW today, according to Navigant Research. Microgrids are poised to play a significant role in furthering the resiliency of the grid and enabling the widespread adoption of renewable, distributed energy resources in both urban and rural environments.
Bioenergy Bytes