MN Soy Helps Bring Bioheat Awareness to Midwest

Joanna Schroeder

Bill Zurn is a farmer from Minnesota who grows soybeans, corns and sugar beets. Last fall he had a chance to go out to the bioheat tour in New York City where they explained why they use Bioheat, a biodiesel blended oil commonly used for heating homes and buildings in the northeast. He said the port authority is also a user of biodiesel in their vehicles.

bill-zurnZurn said they realized they should invite the group to Minnesota so they could visit some biodiesel plants and soybean farms and learn about how the state makes the biodiesel that is ultimately blended into fuel and Bioheat. This event is the Biodiesel and Bioheat Forum, sponsored by the Minnesota Soybean Research and Promotion Council.

While, Zurn noted the Midwest is not a big user of the heating oil due to lack of concentration in homes, the demand in the northeast continues to grow and he and other growers in Minnesota and helping to meet that demand.

The event is taking place August 19, 2015 in Mankato, Minnesota. Event panelists include: Paul Nazzaro- President of the Nazzaro Group, he represents organizations pursuing commercial market acceptance for their specific fuels; John Huber- President of the National Oilheat Research Alliance (NORA); and Michael C. Trunzo- President of Northeast Public Affairs, LLC., a government affairs, lobbying and association management firm.

Registration is still open. To learn more about the event listen to Chuck Zimmerman’s interview with Bill Zurn: Bill Zurn Talks Biodiesel & Bioheat Forum

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