BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDF1Renewable Edge has reached a milestone by installing its 1000th Integrated Wireless Solar Payphone Power Supply System Kit to New York City payphones. The patent pending technology replaces the utility grid power connection previously needed to operate New York City payphones with a solar powered battery system powering wireless routers that communicate with existing cell towers. The Solar Kit system turns the payphones into coin operated cell phones without any dependence on utility power lines.
  • MMA Energy Capital has entered into a joint venture with affiliates of Fundamental Advisors, LP, a leading alternative asset manager, that will provide capital for the development and construction of solar power projects located throughout the United States. The joint venture will operate under the name Solar Construction Lending, LLC and will be administered by MMA Energy Capital.
  • DEINOVE has unveiled a bio-based muconic acid production program. This promising proof of concept has been completed for the effective production of muconic acid by Deinococcus bacteria from a variety of renewable sugar sources. The market size and their growth outlook, combined with an unmet demand for bio-based solutions, have led Deinove to structure and initiate a specific R&D program focused on this versatile molecule with a large number of applications, notably in plastics, textile fibers and food.
  • With a growing need to design and implement effective O&M strategies across Europe’s offshore wind projects Wind Energy Update spoke with 235 of Europe’s leading O&M executives to find out exactly what’s going on in the world of offshore wind O&M. The results provide you with the following: Where farm owners are allocating budget or procuring new suppliers for a view of new business opportunities; How much time farm owners are allocating to different industry challenges for an understanding of where your services could be used; A view of how farm owners are trying to get greater transparency from their OEMs and where the OEMs are spending their budgets when in charge for a fuller understanding of daily O&M activities; and Which O&M model owners will use once their current contract comes to an end.
Bioenergy Bytes