BioPower to Build Waste-to-Diesel Plant

John Davis

BioPowerA Florida-based company will build a $175 million waste-to-diesel plant. This article from Today’s Energy Solutions says BioPower Operations Corp.’s wholly-owned subsidiary Green3Power Operations Inc. (G3P) won the award to build a facility which will convert waste into ultra-low sulfur synthetic green No. 2 diesel fuel using G3P’s exclusively licensed gasification technology and the Fischer-Tropsch process. The plant will be at the existing St. Lucie County Solid Waste Management Facility and extend the life of the landfill while reducing environmentally harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Dr. Neil Williams, PhD, P.E., CEO of Green3Power says “St. Lucie County has a long history of implementing innovative and cost-effective technologies at the St. Lucie County Solid Waste Management Facility. This facility will enable St. Lucie County to increase their landfill air space over time while reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. To that end, and due to the close proximity of the site to the G3P corporate offices, I95, and the Florida Turnpike, G3P plans to construct our showcase facility at the St. Lucie County site.”

The facility will reduce the odors from waste collected, which will no longer be placed into the landfill, thus eliminating the disposal of organic waste in the landfill. G3P has been working with its strategic partner, Vanderweil Engineering, a joint venture partner in the facility which will convert approximately 1,000 tons per day of municipal solid waste, construction and demolition debris, used tires and yard waste to synthetic diesel fuel. If additional waste is needed on any given day, the additional waste will be excavated from the County landfill to create more landfill air space, and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from the landfill.

Green3Power Operations USA and Vanderweil will design, permit, engineer, procure and act as contractor during the next 18 months while the facility is being permitted and built. G3P will also provide operations and maintenance for the facilities for 20 years with a 10 year extension, after the facility is built.

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