Amyris Renewable Diesel Test with VW a Success

John Davis

Amyris-LogoIndustrial bioscience company Amyris says its two-year test with renewable diesel in Volkswagen vehicles has been a success. This company news release says the test was to check the commercial readiness of Amyris renewable diesel and its ability to enhance VW’s innovative and advanced diesel technology.

Utilizing vehicles provided by VW in real-world driving conditions, the two-year-long program to assess the results reinforced the company’s data that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions were reduced by more than 60 percent on a well-to-wheel basis when using Amyris’s No Compromise® renewable diesel. In addition, the program demonstrated fuel economy that was similar to or improved over petroleum-based fuels, together while maintaining outstanding engine performance under a variety of conditions.

“The results of this program provide additional validation for renewable fuels and showcase the tremendous market potential for Amyris’s advanced renewable diesel,” said John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris. “Growing awareness of these benefits contributes to increased consumer awareness, end-user demand pull and future adoption of renewable fuels at a larger scale.”

The collaboration included evaluating emissions reductions and demonstrating performance of Volkswagen’s existing TDI Clean Diesel technology using advanced renewable diesel fuel.

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