100% Pop Up Event for Clean Energy

Joanna Schroeder

A 100% pop up event for clean energy kicked off a nationwide campaign calling for making renewable energy accessible and affordable for everyone – 100%. The campaign is the brainchild of actors Mark Ruffalo and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“100% is for 100%,” said Mark Ruffalo, co-founder of the campaign. “Our first priority is to make clean energy more accessible and affordable for all people – increasing consumer demand and accelerating the growth of clean, efficient renewable energy.”

The campaign will span the U.S. and feature activities and events to drive demand. From a “100% Hotline” that provides clean energy concierge services to showcasing leadership and growing demand to policy work, the campaign aims to make it easier and cheaper for consumers to switch to clean energy.

Krystal_5100% will tell stories of clean energy leaders – from Main Street to Wall Street, from farmers to small business leaders, from homeowners to renters, across the demographic and political spectrum, and across New York and the country – who are following a clean energy path and finding the best of themselves.

My story is not unusual. I was going down a pretty destructive path,” said Krystal Ruiz, SolarCorps construction fellow for GRID Alternatives. “What turned my life around? Finding purpose – making a difference. I went to work for GRID Alternatives and now I am helping to provide high-skilled job opportunities in my own backyard. It changed my life, and I want to help do that for others.” Ruiz is the subject of a 100% spotlight video – a compelling story of crisis and courage.

“History will recognize people like Krystal for what they are: leaders of a new era. The 100% campaign will honor them today,” said Ruffalo.