Enogen Value Tracker at #FEW15

Cindy Zimmerman

few15-enogenThe color purple is taking on a new significance in the grain world as Syngenta has introduced the Enogen Value Tracker – a naturally derived, non-GMO purple tracer trait designed to simplify grain tracking.

Chris Cook, Head of Enogen Stewardship for Syngenta, discussed the Enogen Value Tracker, during an innovation session and tweet chat at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop on Wednesday.

“Beginning this year, the Enogen Value Tracker is being included in select bags of Enogen hybrids,” Cook said. “In seed bags featuring the Enogen Value Tracker, up to five percent of seeds will contain the purple tracer trait that will be expressed in the corn plant and through random kernels on the purple plant ear.”

The purple kernels will make it easier to visually track Enogen corn from harvest through storage and processing, and also to help ensure this high-value grain is delivered to its intended destination which is important since farmers who grow Enogen corn for contracted plants earn an average premium of 40 cents per bushel.

Listen to Chris explain more about the Enogen Value Tracker in this interview: Interview with Chris Cook, Enogen

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