New White Paper Shows California’s E85 Success

John Davis

A new study shows how E85 has been a success in California. Published by Propel Fuels, the white paper titled, “E85: A California Success Story White Paper,” and associated website illustrate the state’s emergence as the national leader in the use of sustainable E85 Flex Fuel.

Key research findings include:

● California has the highest rate of E85 growth of any state in the nation. E85 use has expanded 600% in California since 2009, while gasoline demand has decreased.
● E85 use has significant positive impacts on air quality, greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions and petroleum reductions; providing air quality benefits in severe non-attainment areas by contributing 18-53% reduction in NOx as well as a 32% reduction in GHG emissions.
● E85 use has specifically benefited CalEPA designated Disadvantaged Communities.
● E85 is California’s value fuel, with 92% of users saying it is the same or better value than gasoline.
● California’s 1 million Flex Fuel vehicles can displace 600 million gallons of petroleum gasoline with E85.
● California’s retail E85 volume per location exceeds the national average by 300%.
● As a result of its policies, California is home to the lowest carbon ethanol in the country.

“Thanks to smart public policy and a strong value proposition for consumers, California’s E85 use has become a success story, and a road map for our nation for implementing low carbon fuels,” said Rob Elam, CEO of Propel Fuels. “This research conclusively demonstrates that E85 is a successful, sustainable, cost-effective fuel that consumers are choosing when they have retail access.”

California boasts 1 million Flex Fuel vehicles (FFV’s) that can use E85 interchangeably with conventional gasoline with no modification.

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