Nebraska Biodiesel Plant On Schedule for Opening

John Davis

The retrofitting of a Nebraska biodiesel plant is right on schedule. This article from the Lincoln Journal Star says Duonix Beatrice, bought by Flint Hills Resources and Benefuel Inc. in 2011, has never been in service since it was constructed in 2007.

“There are quite a few contractors on site at 70-100 daily with a total head count increasing to 200-250 around May or July,” [Michael Harris, Flint Hills Resources venture manager for the project] said. “We are still targeting to start up the second half of 2015 and intend to produce 50 million gallons of biodiesel.”

For two years, the company has been retrofitting the plant to be feedstock-flexible and to use ENSEL technology.

The ENSEL process is supposed to streamline production, eliminate waste and by-products, and expand product capabilities to produce a biodiesel with enhanced cold-weather properties.

It also allows the use of cheaper feed stocks high in free fatty acids, such as distillers corn oil from ethanol refining, waste vegetable oils, animal fats and unrefined oils.

The plant will employ about 50 workers when it goes into operation.