US Troops in Afghanistan Getting Biodiesel Makers

John Davis

BioPro 380EXU.S. troops in Afghanistan will soon get some small-scale biodiesel makers. Springboard Biodiesel has been selected to provide the turn-key equipment at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan.

Springboard Biodiesel’s BioPro™ 380EX and SpringPro™ T76 comprise a small-scale biodiesel processing system designed to inexpensively convert the base’s used cooking oil into ASTM-grade biodiesel that can then be used in diesel vehicles on base.

Springboard Biodiesel’s CEO, Mark Roberts, commented, “Springboard is excited to provide this made-in-the-USA, clean technology solution to the US military. In Afghanistan, the fully burdened cost of diesel fuel is extremely high. We’ve heard estimates North of $10/gallon. The BioPro™ systems made by Springboard will enable the base to produce high quality biodiesel fuel for less than $1.00 per gallon – not to mention, biodiesel made from used cooking oil burns up to 90% cleaner than regular diesel.”

Springboard Biodiesel hopes to see other military bases copy the Bagram model.