BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  •, Inc. is set to release its Winter 2015 edition of the Energy Industry Update. This semi-annual publication offers our inside view of major events and emerging trends in the energy industry. Themed “Changes: Turn and Face the Strange,” this issue includes: A view of how utilities are looking with interest at electric vehicles; customer and vehicle characteristics; some generic business models being tested; a review of natural gas prices and gas production from shale formations; and the latest dynamics in this market, including what (if any) impact low oil prices are having on it.
  • Scott Brodsky and Gari Matarirano from international legal practice Macfarlanes LLP recently wrote a detailed white paper analyzing the success of South Africa’s Renewable Energy Programme, which featured in Clean Energy Pipeline’s Clean Energy Africa Finance Guide 2014. Download your free copy here.
  • Clean Energy Group (CEG) has released a new report calling for more collaboration on policies to promote emerging distributed energy storage technologies. In Distributed Energy Storage: A Case for National and International Collaboration, CEG proposes the creation of both national and international networks of industry, policy makers and NGOS to advance new and effective policies for distributed energy storage technologies.
  • Greenbacker Renewable Energy Company has announced that through a wholly-owned subsidiary it acquired 9.789 Megawatts of operating solar power facilities located on 13 sites in Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Indiana and North Carolina. The facilities were developed, owned and operated by MP2 Capital LLC and Blu Leaf Ventures LLC. The “East to West Solar Portfolio” consists of ground and roof mounted solar systems located on municipal and commercial properties.
Bioenergy Bytes