Maverick Unveils Small-Scale Plant for Biodiesel Ingredient

John Davis

Maverick-OasisA North Carolina company has unveiled an affordable, small scale modular plant for the biodiesel ingredient methanol. Maverick Synfuels says its Maverick Oasis system is the first small-scale, modular methane-to-methanol production plant that can be co-located at the methane source.

The Maverick Oasis factory-built Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) methanol plants are modular, and can be rapidly deployed onsite to produce thousands of gallons per day of ultra-clean methanol from natural gas or methane-rich waste gas. The plants are designed to be low-cost, highly efficient facilities optimized to generate an attractive project rate of return. Each Oasis modular facility comes equipped with performance guarantees based on the designed methanol output rating.

The Maverick Oasis system uses proprietary technology to convert a variety of methane-containing feedstocks; biogas, natural gas (including stranded gas and flare gas), coal bed methane, and landfill gas, into AA grade methanol that meets ASTM D1152 specifications.

With a footprint of just 5,000 square feet, each plant is modular so that it can be shipped to the operational location, where it is assembled by a team of Maverick engineers and integrated with the local infrastructure.

The company goes on the say that each modular facility can crank out 3,000 and 10,000 gallons of methanol per day. The Oasis system is feedstock flexible, able to be used on dairy farms, waste water treatment plants, and other facilities that use anaerobic digesters to process animal, food, and other organic waste, to make methanol. It can even be used on oil and gas fields to produce the important biodiesel ingredient.