Methes Energies Unveils New Catalyst for Biodiesel

John Davis

Methes1Biodiesel processor manufacturer Methes Energies has unveiled a new catalyst for biodiesel production. This company news release says the Methes PP-MEC catalyst will provide a new pre-treatment process for high free fatty acid (FFA) biodiesel feedstocks, including non-food grade corn oil, and Dorf Ketal Speciality Catalysts LLC (“Dorf Ketal”) will make the new catalyst for Methes.

The PP-MEC catalyst is a major active ingredient in this new process. Working with Dorf Ketal allows Methes to count on a reliable manufacturer of specialty catalysts with an experienced management team who can provide that catalyst to Methes or its customers on a world-wide basis.

John Loewen, COO of Methes, said, “We are very pleased with our relationship with Dorf Ketal. The fact that they can manufacture our PP-MEC catalyst is great and gives us the peace of mind that we were looking for. I believe that the market potential is enormous for this new process so we wanted to make sure that we had a catalyst manufacturer that would be able to follow our growth not only in North America but around the world.”

In addition to making biodiesel processors and equipment, Methes also produces the green fuel from two plants in Ontario, Canada.