Agrisoma Recognized at BIO for Biodiesel Feedstock

John Davis

agrisomaA Canadian company has been recognized for its commercialization of its non-food biodiesel feedstock. This company news release says Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. picked up the Gold Leaf Award for biotech excellence in Canada at the recent 2014 BIO International Convention in San Diego for development of carinata, sold under the company brand name Resonance, whose oil can be made into biojet fuel and biodiesel.

Steven Fabijanski, President and CEO stated, “Agrisoma is honored to receive the Gold Leaf Award. It is a gratifying acknowledgement of the innovation we have accomplished in bringing to market Agrisoma’s next generation agricultural products which are providing a sustainable solution for renewable energy. We have commercialized Resonance® Carinata, Canada’s first non-food crop that produces oil uniquely suited for biofuel production. Resonance Carinata was used to fuel the world’s first 100% renewable biojet fuel flight here in Canada. This Gold Leaf Award recognizes those accomplishments.”

“Agrisoma’s innovation is a fantastic demonstration of how biotechnology helps to provide the solutions needed to address the pressing challenges facing our society and environment. The company has offered an opportunity for farmers to produce a dedicated energy crop using landconsidered marginal, without impacting food production,” commented Andrew Casey, Presidentand CEO of BIOTECanada. “The vision and dedication of Agrisoma offers inspiration and promise for the economy and society more broadly. Using the tools of biotechnology to rapidly enhance performance and enhance sustainability only adds to the importance of agriculture in meeting the social, environmental and economic challenges associated with rapid global population growth.”

Also, Agrisoma’s Resonance recently gained approval as a feed for cattle.

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