BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFSanta Monica’s Shore Hotel is installing power saving technology by Green Charge Networks, which will save the Hotel an estimated 50% in demand charges annually. GreenStationTM, an intelligent energy storage system, combines historical energy use patterns with real-time weather data to predict demand and store and discharge energy accordingly. The system’s installation will further showcase the Hotel’s commitment to sustainability and propel it towards the prestigious LEED Platinum certification.
  • Gevo, Inc. has announced that it is selling para-xylene (PX) derived from its renewable isobutanol to Toray, one of the world’s leading producers of fibers, plastics, films, and chemicals. PX is a primary raw material for the manufacture of bio-polyester (PET). PET has the largest global market share of all synthetic fibers and is also used in plastic bottles, films, and as a polymer for many other applications. The ability to produce PX as a building block for PET creates large market opportunities for Gevo and partners who desire bio-based plastic bottles, bio-based polyester fiber for apparel and textiles, and for many other products.
  • Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc., a leading sustainable infrastructure investor, has announced the acquisition of a $107 million portfolio of land and payments from land leases underlying wind and solar projects. HASI also entered into an expansion of its existing credit facility, which provides for an additional $200 million of capacity and increased flexibility in terms.
  • India has set a target of achieving overall renewable energy installed capacity of 41,400 MW by 2017 and 72,400 MW by 2022. As per NOVONOUS estimates, this creates an US $83.35 billion opportunity in the renewable energy market in India until 2022. India has the world’s fifth-largest electricity generation capacity which currently stands at 243 GW. Renewable energy including large hydro constitutes for only 28.8% of overall installed capacity in India. The total renewable energy potential from various sources in India is 2,49,188 MW. India till March 31, 2014 has been able to achieve only 12.95% of its renewable energy potential. The untapped market potential for overall renewable energy in India is 216918.39 MW which shows huge growth potential for renewable energy in India.
Bioenergy Bytes