Power Your Electronics with Wind

Joanna Schroeder

Most of us have heard about or already own chargers powered by solar energy to charge cell phones, iPads, laptops and more. But did you know that you can now charge all your electronics with wind energy? Skajaquoda has launched its latest version of the Trinity portable wind turbine – small enough to fit in your purse or briefcase yet powerful enough to charge your electronics.

Trinity Wind TurbineThe Trinity 100 has a 100W generator and a built-in battery that holds 30,000mAh. The mini wind turbine folds together into a 20 inch cylinder that can easily be carried anywhere. Trinity 100 weighs only 6 lbs and 5 lbs without the removable internal battery. On the bottom, Trinity 100 has a 110V output with EU/UK/US wall plug/adapter to charge your devices. It also has a 5V 1A USB and 5V 2.1A USB outputs and an input to charge Trinity’s internal battery in a wall socket.

Trinity’s smaller version has a 15W generator and a 15,000 mAh internal battery that can charge USB devices and laptops. The whole unit weighs only 2.5 lbs and 2 lbs without the removable internal battery.

To operate, you simply open the three blades, remove the aluminum legs and arrange them in either a tripod configuration or laid flat. To close the mini wind turbine, you push the legs back in and the blades close automatically. In a closed position the legs lock the blades and prevent them from opening.

Trinity’s unique design allows you to charge your smartphone up to 10-12 times before it has to be recharged either by itself (using the wind) or simply plug it into a wall output so it can be fully charged before you leave your home. I’ll use the wind, please and thank you.

Renewable Energy, Wind