Methes Finalizing Deal to Ship Biodiesel to U.S.

John Davis

Methes1Methes Energies International Ltd. will send 40 Railcars of biodiesel per month to the U.S. The company announced the deal to send about 1 million gallons of the green fuel each month from its production facility in Canada.

Nicholas Ng, President of Methes Energies, said, “We’re very excited about the opportunity to bring our Sombra facility to full current production capacity. At current prices these new arrangements can add up to $4 million per month to our biodiesel sales. Also, the fact that we can now sell directly to U.S. buyers will make things much easier for us and enhance our ability to attract additional U.S. customers. This might get us to increase capacity in Sombra sooner rather than later.”

Methes Energies was able to make the deal since it is now qualified to be an importer of record of biodiesel into the U.S., which will allow it to generate Renewable Identification Numbers to provide better margins and give Methes Energies the ability to sell directly to U.S. buyers.