BioEnergy Bytes

Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFAvantha Group Company CG, has successfully installed a transformer substation at the Amrumbank West offshore wind farm. The renewable energy unit consists of 80 multi-megawatt wind turbines located 100 km off the German coast in the North Sea. The Amrumbank West offshore wind farm Bio is scheduled to enter service in the autumn of 2015. The wind farm extends over 32 square kilometres, and its 80 technologically advanced 3.6 MW turbines will give it a total capacity of 288 MW, enough to power 300,000 households.
  • Sedex Global is partnering with the World Bank Institute to develop Open Supply Chain Platform – a new initiative to address global gaps in the availability and visibility of responsible supply chain data. The Open Supply Chain Platform will help companies better understand their performance, increase sustainability and diversity, and generate shared values along global supply chains. Developed as part of the World Bank Institute’s Open Private Sector Platform, the web-based and user-managed online platform will offer comprehensive supply chain information and enable businesses to conduct online assessments on their suppliers and consumers, based on a series of governance and sustainability indicators.
  • McPhy Energy will collaborate in the development of the public HTEC refuelling (hydrogen) station in Woodside, California, by providing an electrolyzer which will produce green hydrogen fuel using renewable electricity. The station, which will incorporate Powertech’s innovative station and dispenser design, is planned to be operational at the end of the summer next year. It will be capable of fuelling over 25 hydrogen vehicles per day and easily expand as demand grows. Fills will take 3-5 minutes to provide the cars enough fuel to travel over 300 miles (480 kms).
  • Clean Energy Collective (CEC), a leading community solar developer, has signed an agreement with RGS Energy to act as an authorized reseller of its community solar solution. The agreement with CEC allows RGS Energy to expand its reach to provide solar solutions to customers who rent or lease their property or are otherwise unable to install onsite systems due to site orientation, shading or restrictions imposed upon historic properties.
Bioenergy Bytes