Tall Ship to Sail the Seas on Biodiesel

John Davis

perry1She might look like something out of a history book, but a new tall ship is about to set sail using modern biodiesel. This article for Sail-World.com says the new, 200-foot, three masted, square-rigged Tall Ship the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will serve as Rhode Island’s official Sailing Education Vessel, teaching mariners the ancient ways of the sea while also employing some modern, green technology.

By the nature of sailing itself, the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry will be energy efficient, powered by the wind whenever possible. To reduce its energy footprint further, the ship’s diesel engines and generators will run on biodiesel (supplied by Newport BioDiesel), and ultra-high capability Ensolve separators will cleanse oily waste water down to 2-15 ppm using naturally occurring microbes. On board, the focus will be on sustainable living: conserving water, minimizing trash and reducing food waste. Trash will be separated and all plastics taken ashore for recycling, while black water will be treated in an onboard waste water treatment plant.

‘It is expected that with all these ecologically responsible practices in place, along with first-hand experiences of the fragility of ocean life, a sense of pride, stewardship and passion for the marine environment will be instilled in our shipmates,’ said Richard Bailey, the Captain of the ship.

The Perry is the largest of its kind to have been built in this country in the last 100 years.