Husky Nozzle Certified Good for Biodiesel

John Davis

husky-logoA manufacturer of fueling components receives certification that its equipment is ok to use with biodiesel. This article from Biofuels Journal says the Husky Corporation VIII Heavy Duty Diesel Automatic Nozzle, 5812 Safe-T-Brake®, and 4860 swivel is UL certified for use with biodiesel fuel blends.

The Husky VIII nozzle and accessories are popular products among heavy duty diesel customers and have been used in biodiesel applications for some time.

“Husky uses top quality materials in our VIII nozzles, corresponding Safe-T-Breaks, and swivels. As a result, they stand up to the designated UL testing regimen for biodiesel,” said Husky Product Design Engineer Jerry Mahn. “We demonstrated our standard diesel hanging hardware equipment is safe for handling biodiesel fuel blends without any modifications.”

The Husky VIII nozzle features an aluminum body, fluorocarbon seals, dual-poppet design, Delrin-tipped stem, automatic shut-off, and unique Flo-Stop® device. The Husky VIII is the ideal nozzle for truck stops, high volume self-service locations, full-service facilities, and unattended stations.

Some of the funding for the testing came from the National Renewable Energy Lab and the National Biodiesel Board and shows there are no adverse environmental issues associated with using biodiesel.