Utah Recognizes Biodiesel as Clean, Renewable Fuel

John Davis

It only figures that a state known for some awfully pretty blue skies would recognize biodiesel as a good way to keep that air pollution free. This article from the Deseret News says the Utah state legislature’s Natural Resources, Agriculture and Environment Committee has endorsed HJR5, a measure recognizing biodiesel as a clean, renewable resource that should be encouraged in the state.

anderson“I have been extremely impressed with what this particular technology can do with our domestic fuel supply, for clean air, in making use of natural products out there,” said Rep. Johnny Anderson, R-Taylorsville, the resolution’s sponsor. “This is a Utah-based company producing really good, solid-based Utah jobs.” [referring to Washakie Renewable Energy in Plymouth, Utah, that creates 10 million gallons of biodiesel a year from used cooking oil.]

Washakie’s Jeff Peterson said the company made a $40 million investment in its Plymouth location and is bringing on a seed crusher to extract oil from soybeans or other plants that also leaves a protein residual that can be used in feed stock.

Washakie pays 40 cents per gallon for used vegetable oil it collects from restaurants along the Wasatch Front and would also like to tap into supplies from jails and other big producers.

“We take that waste product and turn it into a renewable product,” Peterson said, adding that company’s biodiesel fuel ultimately costs less per gallon than traditional petroleum-based diesel.

Lawmakers say they want to encourage more growth in this type of biodiesel production in the state.