Microorganism for Waste-to-Biodiesel Patented

John Davis

neol1A Spanish company has patented a microorganism that will help produce biodiesel from organic waste. Neol announced its patent on Neoleum, a microorganism that will produce oils for industrial use.

Obtained oils are highly versatile and their composition makes them ideal raw material for the production of biofuels such as biodiesel and biokerosene or for other industrial application such as biolubricants, surfactants …

Neoleum™ presents a significant advantage as it is extremely productive; with a one cubic meter bioreactor it is obtained the same oil as in one hectare of oil palm. This translates into environmental, economic and social benefits, in that food resources are not used for the production of energy and waste is managed in a more suitable way.

Neol officials went on to say this transformation process of industrial waste is called bioconversion and marks “a turning point in the production of second generation biofuels.”