School Teaching About Energy with Biodiesel Maker

John Davis

B-60a1A school in Mississippi has chosen a biodiesel maker from a company in Florida to teach its students about renewable energy. This news release from Florida Biodiesel, Inc. says it sold a B-60 Biodiesel Processor made by to Oxford High School, Miss.

The Biodiesel production equipment will be used to demonstrate Green Fuel technology for on-campus activities.

Oxford High School has chosen the B-60 Biodiesel processor as a hands-on educational tool to show students how to make renewable energy. The B-60 Biodiesel processor requires 60 minutes of assembly time and will allow students to safely produce 45 gallon batches of Biodiesel. “The students will process the oil they collect from the cafeteria into Biodiesel fuel for use in campus vehicles,” says Victor Garlington, Director of Client Services at “The B-60 is very user friendly and great for students to learn Biodiesel basics.”

Florida Biodiesel, Inc. is known for its innovative contributions to the biodiesel industry, including the safety external heat exchanger, cyclonic mixer, methanol recovery module, and the AUTOBIO biodiesel plant automation system.