Minnesotans Encouraged to Think Biodiesel

John Davis

Minnesota soybean farmers are reminding their fellow Minnesotans just how much biodiesel has cleaned up the air they breathe. The Minnesota Soybean Research & Promotion Council (MSR&PC), better known as Minnesota Soybean, launched a campaign that clearly illustrates the advantages of soy-based biodiesel in improving air quality, including the following video airing local TV and cable stations, as well on the group’s social media channels:

“We want to open the consumer’s eyes to the reality of emissions from vehicles that run on petroleum. In fact, vehicle emissions are the largest source of air pollution in Minnesota,” states Bill Zurn, a Becker County farmer and Minnesota Soybean New Uses Action Team chair. “There is a positive message here in the use of alternative fuels.”

“Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning fuel that’s made in Minnesota,” says Bob Moffitt, communications director for the American Lung Association in Minnesota (ALAMN). “We recognize biodiesel as a Clean Air Choice® because of its ability to significantly reduce tailpipe emissions and help lessen our exposure to air pollutants. Not only does using biodiesel reduce particulate emissions, it also reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

The group also points out that biodiesel in Minnesota alone provides more than 5,600 jobs, adds about $928 million to the economy, and increases demand by 13 percent for the state’s while also increasing in-state soybean processing capacity by 31 percent.

Minnesota Soybean is also offering a “North Shore Clean Air Adventure” to Duluth, rated by the American Lung Association as one of the top 25 cleanest U.S. cities. Winners get a three-night stay in the city and $500 spending money. The website www.biodiesel.mn has more information.

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