Nebraska Corn Collects 5,000 RFS Comments

Cindy Zimmerman

ne-corn-newThe Nebraska Corn Board has received over 5,000 letters expressing opposition on the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) proposal to lower 2014 volume requirements for biofuels under the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS).

In early January, the Nebraska Corn Board sent out letters to Nebraska farmers alerting them of EPA’s actions and included a letter to EPA that farmers could sign. These letters were returned to the Corn Board and the Board will forward the entire stack of letters to EPA before the comment period deadline of January 28. To date, just over 5,000 letters have been returned, many with personal messages expressing the need to keep a strong renewable fuel industry and stating corn farmers can provide enough food, feed and fuel to help America be less dependent on imported oil.

“This is the greatest grassroots response in the history of the corn checkoff program since its implementation in 1978,” said Nebraska Corn Board Executive Director Don Hutchens.

The Board also distributed nearly 10,000 postcards throughout Nebraska where the recipient was asked to write a personal message and mail to EPA. They also offered the option of commenting online through a link on the Nebraska Corn Board website.

Nebraska Corn Board chairman and farmer Tim Scheer said the letters are being sent to EPA today. “Other states have mounted similar efforts to send letters to EPA,” said Scheer, noting that 4,000 letters are being sent in from Minnesota Corn and over 1,000 from Missouri Corn.

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