Biodiesel to Help Heat Up NYC Super Bowl

John Davis

tsb-logo1This year’s Super Bowl will be unique as it will be the first time the game is played outside in a cold-weather city at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. So how do you keep all those tailgaters happy when there’s chances for snow and a chill in the air? You break out biodiesel! This story from the New York Daily News says local refiner Tri-State Biodiesel is turning waste cooking oil into the green fuel to be used during the big game.

“It is very cool,” said Brent Baker, founder of Tri-State Biodiesel. “We’re very proud that we’re providing this full loop service.”

The 10-year-old company is still nailing down logistics, but Baker estimated that thousands of gallons of recycled cooking oil would be used.

Tri-State signed a deal in late 2013 with Delaware North, the hospitality and food service vendor operating at the MetLife Stadium to convert its dirty oil.

Trucks from Tri-State have been picking drums of oil up from MetLife Stadium since last year for recycling, Baker said.

Anne Marie McManus, Delaware North’s Director of Environmental Affairs and Sustainability, said the company has been converting its dirty oil since it began operations at MetLife. It partnered with Tri-State Biodiesel began recycling its oil into biodiesel to help it become certified “green.”

“Recently, as part of our efforts to become Green Restaurant Certified, we changed our waste kitchen oil recycling vendor to Tri-State Biodiesel,” McManus said, “specifically because the Green Restaurant Association requested that we use a vendor that reformulates the recycled waste kitchen oil into biodiesel only (as opposed to its potential use as animal feed).”

Tri-State Biodiesel’s founder Baker says there is one thing that disappoints him about this year’s game: no NY Jets!