Biodiesel Production, Imports Records for October

John Davis

eiaThe U.S. produced a record amount of biodiesel in October, and it imported a record amount during the same time as well. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports biodiesel production hit 132 million gallons during the month, up from around 127 million gallons in September. And this article from Biodiesel Magazine says the U.S. imported more than 46 million gallons of biomass-based diesel in October, up from 28.7 million gallons in September, and more than tripling August volumes of more than 15 million gallons.

Nearly half of October’s U.S. biomass-based diesel imports came from Argentina, representing 23 million gallons. Imports from Indonesia came in distant second at around 8.5 million gallons, followed by biodiesel from Germany, totaling slightly more than 6 million gallons. Argentina and Indonesia have been effectively shut out of the European market as a result of provisional antidumping duties imposed by the European Commission this spring. Definitive duties, lasting five years, were put into place in November. Argentina has filed a formal complaint with the World Trade Organization, but the two biodiesel exporting nations have been steadily increasing exports to the U.S. since being shut out of the EU market.

The EIA says U.S. biomass-based diesel exports in October totaled 22.5 million gallons, but the agency lists exports to specific countries only at 17 million gallons. The U.S. shipped nearly 10 million gallons to Malaysia, more than 3.5 million gallons to Spain, more than 2.5 million gallons to Canada, and less than a million gallons to Taiwan and Australia combined.

Biodiesel exports were also up during October, totaling 22.5 million gallons, up from September’s export volumes of 15.9 million gallons.

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