Sullivan Solar Power Using Glass

Chuck Zimmerman

Michael ChagalaRight after receiving my Glass I got a news alert from Sullivan Solar Power about their unique use of this new technology. What timing!

So I got in touch with Michael Chagala, Director of IT, and we talked about how they’re employing Glass in their field operations. In the photo Michael is “wearing.”

Sullivan Solar Power developed their own app for Glass and now places a set of Glass on the head of their field service technicians. This means that when the technicians go out to service a client they can basically carry all the data and information on all their products via Glass going hands free which means a lot for efficiency and safety, especially when you’re climbing ladders and working on a roof. Additionally, they can stream live video back to headquarters when they need to to share and get opinions and feedback from other technical support. It’s a fascinating step forward for a technology that some folks have at first made fun of but are now finding has many applications to businesses.

Listen to my interview with Michael to learn more: Sullivan Solar Power & Glass

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