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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFBoulder Wind Power (BWP) announced completion of a third-party review of its wind power technologies and cost of energy (COE) model. The independent assessment analyzed the technological and commercial risks associated with BWP’s direct drive generator, and resulted in an estimated 12-22 percent cost of energy advantage relative to four of the industry’s most common drivetrains. In addition to providing guidance on the COE model, the review investigated BWP’s systems and sub-systems, focusing on considerations from broader BWP technology development processes to individual component reliability. The review addressed the risks inherent in bringing new technology to the wind power market while showing that BWP’s knowledge base and approach to magnetics, mechanical structures and printed circuit boards are sound and exemplary.
  • Jim Lamon has launched a new company, E3 International (E3I) with additional management from a team of solar power veterans. The company’s mission is to provide utilities, independent power producers and project development companies with compelling and bankable solutions for the utility scale solar photovoltaic (PV) market. The company provides three core offerings: (1) Project Development Support, (2) Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), and (3) Operations and Maintenance (O&M). The company has drawn its name E3 International, from its three major focuses: economics, environment and energy.
  • Agrivida, Inc., a biotechnology company developing technologies for animal nutrition, cellulosic sugars from biomass, and regulated enzymes, has the appointment of Dan Meagher as Chief Executive Officer. Meagher joins Agrivida from Novus International, where he was President of Global Animal Nutrition Solutions and responsible for global sales, marketing, animal R&D, business development, customer service, logistics & distribution and local manufacturing blend facilities. Meagher takes over at Agrivida as Mark Wong is named to Chairman of Agrivida’s Board of Directors.
  • Access Energy has announced the product launch of its Thermapower™ Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) 125XLT system, which can recover waste heat with temperatures as low as 80 Degrees C. The system produces 125 kW of clean power from low temperature heat generated by small scale commercial and industrial applications. Facilities utilizing the 125XLT can consume the power generated onsite or sell it back to their utility company, providing significant value to the businesses themselves and local residents, particularly those affected by power shortages.
Bioenergy Bytes