Biodiesel Cavitation Process Gets Patent Approval

John Davis

cti-logo-smallA new process for producing biodiesel gets approval from the U.S. Patent and Trade Office (USPTO). Cavitation Technologies, Inc.’s (CTi) process, titled ‘Process for Producing Biodiesel through Lower Molecular Weight Alcohol-Targeted Cavitation,’ received the green light from USPTO.

“This newly patented hydrodynamic cavitation technology and process has demonstrated that it can reduce costs and significantly lessen the environmental impact associated with biodiesel production,” stated CTi’s Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Roman Gordon. “Working in cooperation with our strategic business partners, Desmet Ballestra and GEA Westfalia, the Company will initially target North and South American biodiesel producers for new and retrofit installations.”

Mr. Gordon continued, “There are numerous biodiesel plants located throughout North and South America and many of these plants are currently seeking improved and innovative production methods. We certainly believe our technology can fill the current needs of those biodiesel producers.”

“Compared to conventional methods of biodiesel production, CTi’s process can offer superior quality biodiesel while minimizing the amount of harsh chemicals used and lowering operational costs for producers. Furthermore, our process has demonstrated that this can all be accomplished in an environmentally sound manner,” concluded Mr. Gordon.

Last month, CTi announced the development of its Nano Neutralization(R) Reactor System in Brazil, which processes approximately 500 tons of soybean oil daily and should be ready to use in June 2014.