Boston Parks & Rec Gets Biodiesel Heating Oil Tank

John Davis

bostonparksrecThe City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department recently installed new oil tanks that will hold biodiesel heating oil, more commonly known as Bioheat. Biodiesel Magazine reports the change was made possible through CBS EcoMedia’s innovative EcoAd program.

With Bioheat’s support, an aging, 1,000 gallon oil tank located in the maintenance building was replaced. The decades-old tank needed an upgrade to eliminate the potential for operational performance issues that might otherwise plague ratable operational performance. The new tanks will substantially provide a cleaner environment to store Bioheat, and through this collaboration with the EcoAd program, the tanks were resupplied with Bioheat, a cleaner and renewable home heating oil.

The upgrade and transition to Bioheat falls within the Greenovate Boston Initiative, a community-driven movement to get all Bostonians involved in reducing the city’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020 and by 80 percent by 2050. This initiative was outlined in Mayor Thomas M. Menino’s Climate Action Plan and will enable people to take simple steps that will make the city a better, greener place to live and work.

“Being able to support this exciting project to transition this location to a 21st century heating fuel is what the Bioheat education project is all about,” said Paul Nazzaro, the National Biodiesel Board’s petroleum liaison. “It is my hope that the city continues to learn more about Bioheat and the positive benefits derived from its use.”

City officials see the move as significantly improving the quality of life in Boston.

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