DF Cast: Is EPA Overstepping RFS Authority?

John Davis

A leaked document from the Environmental Protection Agency regarding the Renewable Fuels Standard is causing some real consternation among advocates for ethanol. While it’s just a draft and has not even been officially released, there is already plenty of debate over the possible proposal, including whether the EPA is overstepping its authority granted under the RFS.

In this edition of the Domestic Fuel Cast, we speak with law and policy professor at the University of Illinois Jonathan Coppess, who says if the leaked numbers are true, EPA COULD be overstepping its bounds, as he outlines in a recent analysis. In addition, Coppess says ethanol advocates could actually get some help in a potential lawsuit over these RFS cuts, ironically enough, from a decision this fall that came in favor of the American Petroleum Institute. And Coppess also says there could be implications for other government policies, including the current farm bill under debate.

It’s a fascinating conversation, and you can hear more of it in the latest Domestic Fuel Cast: Domestic Fuel Cast - Jonathan Coppess, University of Illinois

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