Methes Energies to See Best Biodiesel Quarter Ever

John Davis

Methes1Several developments are prompting a biodiesel company to predict its best production quarter ever. Methes Energies International Ltd., a company with biodiesel production operations north of the border in the form of Methes Energies Canada Inc., says its $1.5 million facility has helped it really get its biodiesel operations moving.

Over the last several weeks Methes Canada has made good use of the facility resulting in September 2013 being the highest production month in gallons in its history. Furthermore, Methes Canada has already secured sufficient feedstock for the months of October and November 2013 to produce biodiesel which it expects will allow for its fiscal fourth quarter to be its best on record in production volume.

BQ-9000® Quality Management Program – Methes Canada is proud to have initiated the process of becoming an accredited BQ-9000® Producer. The program is a unique combination of the ASTM standard for biodiesel and a quality systems program that includes sampling, testing, storage, retain samples and shipping. The program helps companies improve their fuel testing and greatly reduce any chance of producing or distributing inadequate fuel. To receive accreditation, companies must pass a rigorous review and inspection of their quality control processes by an independent auditor. This ensures that quality control is fully implemented.

Methes Canada is also boasting its sales of its Denami 600 and Denami 3000 equipment to help ethanol producers extract corn oil from their corn for refinement into biodiesel. The “bolt-on” Denami equipment is seen as ideal for ethanol plants across North America and overseas. The company also points to increased capacity at its Sombra, Ontario facility from 13 Million gallons per year (MGY) to 26 MGY using the Denami technology.

Michel G. Laporte, Chairman and CEO of Methes Energies said, “We are pleased to provide this general business update covering several projects that are on the go. Our focus remains on making more biodiesel, improving efficiency and quality at our Sombra facility. Thanks to the working capital facility, September was our best month in production volume. The team is doing a great job and the morale is high.”