Cavitation Tech Deal Good for Brazil Biodiesel

John Davis

CTi Nano Reactor1Cavitation Technologies Inc.’s (CTi) first Nano Reactor system sales deal could be a positive development for biodiesel in Brazil. CTi’s strategic business partner and licensee of the company’s vegetable oil refining technology, Desmet Ballestra Group (“Desmet”), entered into a sales agreement with a soybean oil refinery in Brazil, using CTi’s Nano Neutralization(R) Reactor System that processes approximately 500 tons of soybean oil daily. This company news release says the system could be completed and ready to go by the end of June 2014.

With multiple sales in Argentina and Ecuador, this Brazilian installation marks CTi’s sixth in South America. This region has enormous sales potential in edible oil processing and refining and is a major target for the company. President Igor Gorodnitsky explains, “I can’t fully emphasize the importance of finalizing this installation in Brazil. In the edible oil processing and refining industry, Brazil is one of the largest markets in the world and we appreciate all that Desmet has done to complete this agreement.”

Mr. Gorodnitsky added, “Brazil is also one of the largest biodiesel producing countries and a world leader in bio fuel development. With our recently patented technology on processing and producing biodiesel, CTi is continuously on the lookout for additional new opportunities to implement our systems across these sectors. Brazil provides enormous potential for us moving forward.”

CTi touts its patented NanoReactor technology as significantly cutting producers’ processing costs and environmental impacts, as well as increasing the yield.

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