Darling Buying Another Renderer for Biodiesel

John Davis

darlingOn the heels of last week’s announcement that Darling International Inc. is buying a Canadian renderer to gain feedstocks for products, including biodiesel, the Texas-based company is now acquiring a Dutch renderer to gain even more biodiesel-possible stocks. Darling says the nearly $2.2 billion deal with Vion Ingredients could close as early as this coming January.

Vion Ingredients’ global network of 58 facilities on five continents covers all aspects of animal by-product processing through six brands including Rendac (rendering), Sonac (proteins, fats, edible fats and blood products), Ecoson (green power), Rousselot (gelatin), CTH (natural casings), and Best Hides (hides).

Vion Ingredients’ rendering business has leading positions across Europe with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland and Italy under the Rendac and Sonac brand names.

Randall C. Stuewe, Darling International’s Chairman and CEO said, “Our vision of creating a sustainable ingredients business for a growing population is well on its way. The combination of Vion Ingredients with Darling International will create the global leader in converting edible and inedible bio-nutrients streams into specialty products and ingredients for the food, feed, fuel, fertilizer and pharmaceutical industries.”

The merger is expected to see Vion Ingredients’ CEO Dirk Kloosterboer stay in his current position and take over chief operating officer for Darling International.