RFA, Growth Energy Call Out Big Oil’s Lies

John Davis

rfagrowthWhile a new poll from Big Oil tries to paint biofuels and the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) in a bad light, the Renewable Fuels Association and Growth Energy are trying to shine a little truth on the subject.

The poll from the American Petroleum Institute (API), aka “Big Oil,” tries to make it look like Americans don’t support the RFS and don’t want to use E15. But RFA points to another poll that shows 73 percent of Americans support the RFS, and three out of four Americans want a renewable fuels choice at their gas station… all coming while many are already using E15 where available.

fps13-dinneen“If Big Oil push polled any harder, they would have broken respondents’ arms to get the biased answers they sought. This poll is yet another insincere stunt concocted by API to attack the RFS and higher level ethanol blends. If you want to see scary numbers, just look at the outrageous profits oil companies are posting thanks to their monopoly on the fuel market. It is bad enough that Americans are held hostage to environmentally damaging, expensive oil,” stated Bob Dinneen, President and CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association.

Dinneen goes on to point out that ethanol is helping lower gas prices by $1 per gallon on average this year and last year. He adds that instead of scaring people, Big Oil should invest in the infrastructure to expand choice at the pump.

buis1Growth Energy CEO Tom Buis chimed in his agreement:

“The oil industry’s cycle of mistruth continues, how much longer can they attempt to deceive the public before the facts catch up to them? Higher blends like E15 are a choice – voluntary for the consumer and the retailer. And they are safe for all vehicles 2001 and newer. E15 has been the most tested fuel in our nation’s history. All the biofuels industry is asking for is the opportunity to compete in a fair and open marketplace.

Buis also countered API’s claims that biofuels are raising food prices, pointing out that, according to numbers from the World Bank, petroleum prices are the biggest driver in food prices. He invited consumers to get more of the facts at www.yourenodummy.com.

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