Minnesota Ready for B10 Biodiesel Mandate

John Davis

MnSoyBiodieselMinnesota’s Department of Agriculture says the state is ready for the 10 percent biodiesel mandate for each gallon of diesel sold. This posting from Biodiesel Magazine says the news was welcomed by the Minnesota Soybean Growers Association.

“Biodiesel has been shown to be great for the environment and the economy,” said George Goblish, MSGA president. “It’s common sense to keep moving forward with biodiesel because it has been proven to work. It’s a win for air quality, a win for consumers, a win for the industry and a win for agriculture.”

Currently, every gallon of diesel fuel sold in Minnesota contains a blend of 5 percent biodiesel (B5), made primarily from soybean oil. The move to 10 percent (B10) is written into a statute passed in 2007, provided all necessary criteria have been met. Since they have been met, MDA is recommending the state move forward with its commitment to B10. The higher blends would only be available during summer months.

“Biodiesel has been used in Minnesota for more than a decade and the state leads the nation in biofuel acceptance,” Goblish added. “Moving to B10 means cleaner air, more jobs and greater energy diversity. Whether you drive a diesel vehicle or use mass transit, this change is good for all Minnesota.”

Currently, about 800 million gallons of diesel is used in Minnesota each year. With three biodiesel refineries in the state producing more than 60 million gallons of the green fuel annually, to make that 10 percent mandate, either those refineries are going to have to step it up or the state will have to buy a little from its neighbors.

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