Vermont Energy Company to Offer Biodiesel

John Davis

bournes1A Vermont company with a history of offering bioheat – a blend of biodiesel and heating oil – will soon offer biodiesel at the pump for motor vehicles. Bourne’s Energy announced it is opening a Montpelier branch.

“When a new Bourne’s Energy location opens up, it’s because we were asked to be there and the same is true for Montpelier,” says Peter Bourne. “Montpelier is driven towards what’s best for Vermonters and supports being as eco-friendly and self sufficient as possible. Our interest in the environment, our children and Vermont’s future match perfectly so it was no surprise people are receptive to Bourne’s being here.”

The new Bourne’s location comes with a bonus being positioned beside a local fuel transporter/dealer, Kurrle Fuels. Kurrle Fuels will soon be implementing a Bourne’s biodiesel pump giving customers an opportunity to purchase greener, cleaner fuel for their diesel powered vehicles and equipment. By using biodiesel, people are engaging in ecologically and economically savvy practices such as cutting down on carbon emissions, reducing wear and tear on their vehicles and equipment as well as sustaining local jobs and cutting back on fossil fuels that are much more toxic. Benefits of biodiesel hold true for Bioheat as well.

Bourne’s Energy has been offering bioheat for the last couple of years, as well as wood pellets and propane as cleaner, alternative fuels for its customers.