Growth Energy Urge Producers to Get Involved

Cindy Zimmerman

buis-absoluteGrowth Energy CEO Tom Buis was pleased to be part of the New Holland American Ethanol Producers Club event at Absolute Energy near Lyle, Minnesota last week to encourage the nearly 200 growers in attendance to continue the great progress ethanol has made for agriculture.

“It’s even farmers beyond just corn farmers,” Buis said. “A rising tide lifts all boats and all the data shows that and what a great run rural America has had after decades of struggling to make ends meet they finally have been able to get a decent price from the market place. And when farmers do well that money turns over several times in the local economy.”

Buis also talked about how important ethanol has been to the livestock economy with the co-product of distillers grains. “We’ve expanded the availability of feed, both here at home and worldwide, with the ethanol industry,” he said.

Buis thinks that with all Congress has on its plate right now calls to change or even repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) are unlikely to go anywhere this year, but that is no reason for the industry to be complacent. “We have to keep telling our story,” he said. “If you don’t get in there and speak up for yourself, nobody’s going to do it for you…take two minutes and explain to the policy makers how important this is to your livelihood.” Interview with Tom Buis, Growth Energy
New Holland American Ethanol Producers Club photo album

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