ICM, Lincolnway Ink Deal on Selective Milling Tech

John Davis

ICM SMTICM, Inc. and Lincolnway Energy, LLC have signed a deal that will see Lincolnway purchase ICM’s patent-pending Selective Milling Technology™ (SMT™) that increases ethanol yield and increases oil recovery for its customers.

ICM President Chris Mitchell stated, “We are thrilled to announce the purchase of our Selective Milling Technology™ by Lincolnway Energy. We appreciate the opportunity to have designed Lincolnway Energy’s ethanol plant, and years later – to have another opportunity to deliver this successful yield enhancement solution that can improve their bottom line and strengthen the community of Nevada, Iowa and surrounding communities.”

Lincolnway Energy President and CEO Eric Hakmiller stated, “As the industry continues to get more efficient, Lincolnway Energy felt it was a priority to keep up with new technology. The SMT™ system will allow us to take the maximum advantage on the high quality corn that is produced in Central Iowa and help us extract the greatest amount of ethanol, corn oil and DDGS possible. We are looking forward to what this will do for our yields and returns to our facility.”

ICM is based out of Colwich, Kansas, and Lincolnway Energy operates in Nevada, Iowa

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