World’s Largest Community Wind Farm to be in Texas

John Davis

triglobalturbine1Everything’s bigger in Texas, right? Well, that certainly seems to be the case for a massive wind farm slated for West Texas. Tri Global Energy, LLC has created Hale Community Energy, LLC (HCE) to be the managing company for a wind farm exceeding 122,000 acres owned by more than 340 landowners and having more than 450 shareholders.

As the world’s largest community-sponsored wind farm, it has the potential to produce 1,100 megawatts (MW) of renewable energy with approximately 500-650 turbines, to be developed in five phases of construction.

“The actual construction of the wind turbines will bring a lot of temporary jobs into the area,” Curtis King, Tri Global’s Senior Vice President of Investor Relations said. “And once we get the wind farm up and running, there will be at least 100 permanent jobs. These will be high-paying jobs. It’s not something that will be around for just 10 years — wind farms will be a permanent fixture that will go on for several generations.”

The first 200 MW phase is expected to be up and running in late 2015, with the entire project to be operational by mid 2018.

HCE will also interconnect two national grids within one project area, a key, according to company officials, to making sure the wind energy gets to the urban areas that need it.