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Joanna Schroeder

  • BioEnergyBytesDFNorthern Power Systems (NPS) has announced easier installation of their wind turbines through a series of upgrades. Core components such as the transformer are now built into the NPS60 and the NPS100. Other improvements include a new GSM network data connection package to allow seamless connectivity to wind turbines in the most remote areas. The new standard configuration is grid-ready and also offers a mobile network modem to provide a high speed data connection.
  • Join the Minnesota Renewable Energy Society for an informative and engaging 12 mile bicycle tour on Saturday, September 21, 2013 from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm. Participants will explore renewable energy technologies at homes and businesses around Minneapolis, Minnesota. This unique bike ride highlights solar installations, electric vehicles and more. The event is geared for persons who are considering buying a solar power system or are interested in sustainable living.
  • There is still time to register for the OnSite Energy Conference taking place September 24, 2013 in Brisbane, Australia. The event will bring together solar, wind, biomass and biofuels stakeholders in a strategic event designed to carve a path forward for clean energy on a micro level. The program designed to help bring energy independence down to the level of community, business and industry by establishing small independent clean, alternative energy production facilities on site. Click here for more information and to register.
  • Royal DSM, the global Life Sciences and Materials Sciences company, has awarded the DSM Science and Technology Award, Americas 2013, to Christopher M. Bates of the University of Texas in Austin (USA). The theme of this year’s award was Mastering Macromolecular Morphology. Bates received the award for his PhD research on block copolymer thin film orientation, which he conducted under supervision of prof. C. Grant Wilson. The award was presented to Bates by DSM’s Chief Technology Officer Marcel Wubbolts during the fall meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).
Bioenergy Bytes