Illinois Ethanol Workers Write to Protect RFS

Cindy Zimmerman

gtlThe employees of Illinois River Energy and GTL Resources Biorefining sent a letter to their Congressional delegation this week urging support of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

“We are the 60 hard working employees of an independently owned and operated corn bio-refinery in Rochelle, Illinois,” they wrote, asking to correct misinformation about the RFS that was presented during a House Energy hearing in July. “The RFS is not a mistake and is in no way ‘unworkable.'”

illinois-riverThe letter points out that “there is no ‘blend wall’ problem,” that E15 is safe for 2001 and newer vehicles, there is no food versus fuel problem, and that “EPA already has adequate regulatory flexibility” to adjust volumes of biofuel production requirements under the RFS.

“In fact, not only is the RFS workable and in no need of legislative changes, it actually should be recognized for having accomplished precisely what it was intended to do,” they add, asking their representatives to “do the right thing” and support the law as written.

Read the letter here.

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