UK Restaurants Encouraged to Make Biodiesel

John Davis

Diesel prices in the United Kingdom are as expensive as ever. And when you consider the costs of getting waste cooking grease are not getting any less, restaurant owners in the U.K. are being encouraged to make their own biodiesel from that waste. In Biodiesel Magazine, Green Fuels Ltd., a biodiesel production equipment maker, suggests some of its products as a way for small businesses to stay in the black by going green:

fuelpod2The Green Fuels FuelPod 2 is a nifty way to turn a waste product into energy. It produces clean-burning biodiesel and is a safe, user-friendly and reliable small-scale biodiesel processing system.

Larger biofuel plants sometimes fail because they cannot secure a reliable supply of waste cooking oil to convert to biofuels. However, community-scale biofuel production enables any enterprise with a canteen (and therefore a supply of waste cooking oil) to start produce biodiesel. The first 2,500 liters are tax free (in the U.K.) as well as producing an offsetting of 7 tons of carbon (CO2), and with a cost of 30p a liter, that makes for a very significant saving on energy bills.

Green Fuels points out several benefits to its FuelPod 2:

-The capacity to produce 100 liters of biodiesel every day from waste or new oil
-Timed controls make it easy to use
-Unique safety features ensure safe production of biodiesel
-Fuel dispensing system with regulation filter makes it safe and easy to fill your car
-Low maintenance
-Odor free
-Robust design
-Integrated ion-exchange resin fuel purification system to guarantee the highest quality biodiesel

The company also points to several local success stories to show their equipment delivers quality biodiesel.

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