Biodiesel Board Defends RFS in USA Today

John Davis

asteckelThe National Biodiesel Board is coming to the defense of the renewable fuels standard (RFS) in a national newspaper. In USA Today’s “Your Say” opinion piece asking readers for their thoughts on the importance of biofuels, Anne Steckel, vice president, federal affairs, for NBB in Washington, D.C., made the case that the RFS has helped her industry grow from a niche fuel to a billion gallons a year, while creating jobs and choice in the marketplace:

USA TODAY’s editorial suggests renewable fuels are no longer as vital, thanks to new domestic oil discoveries. But surely your readers have noticed news stories highlighting that consumers are paying near-record prices for fuel despite record domestic oil production.

The fact is that oil is a globally traded commodity whose price is heavily influenced by geopolitical developments beyond our control.

Steckel goes on to say no matter how much oil is drilled in the U.S., drivers will continue to be held “hostage to global oil prices” unless the market is diversified, which the RFS is doing.

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