Woman Abducted By Alien: Oil to Run Out by 2026

Joanna Schroeder


Tiffany Hoffinhoffer was driving home near midnight from a work trip when she pulled over for fuel at a rural gas station located just outside Jewell Junction, Iowa. Tired and wanting to get home, she was going through the motions of filling up her gas tank when she says suddenly a bright purple light descended on her. Cupping her hands over her eyes and looking at the sky, the next thing she knew she was waking up in a blue hinged “auditorium” like space, bound to a chair-like contraption floating above a blackish wet and rippling body of liquid.

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationAs told to DomestifcFuel.com, hearing sounds she looked out into the darkness and when her eyes focused she was staring at hundreds of toddler-sized beings with blue bodies, clear green eyes and dressed in Romanesque white robes.

“I was first confused, then terrified,” said Tiffany. “The last thing I clearly remembered was filling my Toyota Corolla’s gas tank with 93 octane premium fuel.”

Calm as she told the story, she said she began to struggle but heard a calming voice telling her she was safe. Then she said, as fast as her fear arrived, it vanished.

“I was told that I had been chosen to deliver an urgent message to the people of Earth.”

“If we don’t stop using oil, then it will run out by 2026,” explained Tiffany who said she told the aliens that planet Earth had hundreds of years of oil left. But the aliens said that Earthlings who thought this were delusional.

The alien, who later said his name was Infinity and was in charge of bringing new alternative energy technologies to Earth, also told her coal would run out by 2032 and natural gas would be gone by 2045.

StoryCityIAHP“I’m not sure why they picked me,” said the Story City, Iowa housewife. “I’m just a stay-at-home mother trying to raise my three children and pinch every penny I can while the cloud of recession still hovers over America. I mean, why me?”

As her story goes, Tiffany says Infinity told her she was the perfect messenger because mothers tend to make all critical household decisions and pay the family’s bills and they would be the first to notice increasing energy costs.

“Women are the agent of change,” Infinity told her.

He said that I, along with my family and friends, could save society, as we know it, by sharing my story. “If we don’t change our ways, the Earth as we know it will end due to intermittent energy and liquid fuel shortages that will cause energy wars and food shortages.”

“I know most people will believe this is a hoax,” added Tiffany, “but when Infinity placed his hand on my shoulder asking for my help, I knew I had to do something and accepted the mission.”

Tiffany claims Infinity placed a chip in her body that when activated by an x-ray machine, contains intricate plans to make biofuels, solar and wind, among other renewable energy sources viable and cost competitive in the next 5 years.

Found the next morning unconscious near the rear end of her car still parked at the gas station, doctors at the hospital say she fell, sustained a severe head trauma and broken shoulder. Doctor Robbie Revvell, speaking with Tiffany’s permission, said the alien abduction is simply a dream derived from the trauma of a fall.

Despite was Dr. Revvell says Tiffany is adamant that the alien abduction is real and the message must be heeded.

“I know this was real. It changed my life.”

“I now use E15 at the pump and have encouraged my friends to purchase biofuel friendly or electric cars. I’ve also added solar panels to my house and signed up for “green” wind energy through my local utility. If you even have an inkling that my story is true, then I beg you to change your energy habits right now.”

“Please, I implore you – I can’t do this alone.”

However, the doctor said that while the story may be a fabrication, he believes the message is accurate and global leaders should work together to create a new energy paradigm before the next decade. And just in case, he says, housewives should play a critical role on the team.

*** No, this story is obviously not true but in an effort to figure out how to get people interested in energy, I thought maybe dropping a few facts in a sensationalistic story just might do the trick. Did it work? Want more? Share your comments with me via email or Twitter.

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